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Winter 2005

Rachel Wilcox is a graduate of the University of Georgia and is currently pursuing an MBA at Columbus State University. She has been designing websites for personal and commercial use for just over eight years. She enjoys working with her clients to create a piece of "Web Real Estate" that communicates the to the local area and to the world a firm's available products and services as well as more in-depth information about a firm's integrity, creativity, and competitive advantage which are so much harder to fit into a 30-second commercial.

She believes that the creation of a web presence is essential in today's business environment and will definitely yield dividends over the life of the firm. She will work with you on appropriate, memorable domain name selection, stylized web design that encompasses the feel of your organization, and increasing your website's ranking in the major search engines. On-going website maintenance and additional services are available, or you may simply have your basic web design completed and maintain it in-house. Please direct any questions to Rachel Wilcox at rachel@babybellesroom.com.

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"Your website is very thorough and complete.  You're full of great ideas!!  The newsletter!  Catalog!  And I think the gift certificate idea is perfect!  I love the new patterns and such, too...It looks wonderful, and I hope that your business continues to grow!"
- Teresa, South Carolina

"I am really enjoying my customers having the website."
- Lain, Georgia

"The site looks great!!!  Lain was real excited about it and very proud.  You are doing a great job!!!!"
- Dawn, Georgia

"Wow!!  Your site looks great!"
- Lyn, Georgia

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